Our recording studio is now fully operational, and features:

  • 24 Track Analogue/Digital Recording Studio
  • Acoustically Treated Live & Solo Rooms
  • Mackie 32 Channel, 8 Bus Mixing Console
  • Fostex 24 Track Digital Recorder
  • Yamaha HS80M Powered Monitors
  • Apple Mac G5 With Cubase And Reason
  • Lexicon, Alesis & Yamaha Signal Processors
  • Digitech GSP2101 Studiotube Preamp/Processor
  • Alesis CLX440 & 3630 Compressors
  • AKG, SE Electronics, Shure & Senheiser Microphones
  • Roland V Drums With TD-8 Percussion Sound Module


To book time in The Cell, or for more information, please call on 01670 854321.


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