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The UK’s fastest growing theatre producers, The Panto Company, are putting the final touches to their latest hit show - Humpty Dumpty And The Incredibly Daring Rescue Of The Alien Princess In Deep Space - before heading out on tour.

And your child can win great Humpty goodies by designing a spaceship for our hero!

In the show Humpty Dumpty wants to be important but, while wishing on a shooting star, he falls off his garden wall and bangs his head - instantly turning himself into a genius!

With help from his forgetful friend, Little Bo Peep, Humpty uses his new found brains to build a rocket ship.  Humpty is determined to be the first egg in space!

However, during the flight, Humpty bumps his head again, and forgets how to fly the spaceship.  He and Bo crash land on a strange planet where something terrible has happened - the alien Princess, Talia, has been kidnapped by a nasty sorceress who wants to steal her beauty!  Talia’s father, King Chuffle, offers to repair their spaceship if Humpty and Bo help to rescue his daughter from the wicked Rizelda.

Will Humpty and Bo get to the Princess in time?  Just what will the comical alien, Milly, get up to next?  And what does Humpty Dumpty’s spaceship look like anyway?

The answer lies with your children!  We want them to design a spaceship for Humpty Dumpty and Little Bo Peep to travel through the galaxy in!  Each entry must comprise of a drawing, and a short paragraph describing the ship and its features. 

When they are complete, simply send them to:

Humpty In Space Competition, The Panto Company,
The Old Police Station, Front Street West, Bedlington, Northumberland, NE22 6HR

Remember to include your name, address, age - and where and when you will be seeing a performance of Humpty Dumpty And The Incredibly Daring Rescue Of The Alien Princess In Deep Space.  The closing date is three days before you see the show.

The winners will receive a bag of Humpty goodies, and will get to meet the cast, and have their picture taken with them after the performance.

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