Dear theatre, venue or school:

All aboard for Robinson CrusoeWe know how tough it can be to find exciting, original productions to fill your schedule and keep your audiences entertained - be they pantomimes, children's theatre or educational shows. Especially when so many companies these days seem to trot out the same, tired old productions or - even worse - an aged, done-to-death script with a title change that they try to sell as a brand new show!

Luckily, The Panto Company is different. Very different.

"A quick note from Clotworthy Arts Centre to say thanks so much for Robinson Crusoe!  The audiences absolutely loved it, and the show itself was really great! Your team were a pleasure to deal with. Looking forward to Christmas and Aladdin!"

Cathy McNally
Arts & Heritage Officer
Antrim Borough Council

You see, everyone here at The Panto Company has come up through the business as actors, entertainments managers, bookers, stage technicians and more. So we've seen how simply slapping a few nursery rhymes together and calling it a kids' show just doesn't work - we've all done them at one time or another!

And, you know as well as we do, if the people in the show aren't enjoying it - your audience certainly won't be.

Which is why we're offering you the first of three unique promises:

Promise One: We promise that EVERY production you book from The Panto Company will be fresh, new and created especially for that run alone.

Twankey & Wishey WasheyThat's not to say we won't stage a second tour of a popular show - word of our productions spreads quickly, and we're often asked to repeat a run in another part of the country.

For example: our production of Aladdin will be entertaining audiences again this year.

But, when we present you with our 'latest production' - you can be assured that it is a totally new show, not a hotch-potch of old storylines with a couple of different character names.

"The Panto Company has entertained our children at Christmas for the past two years and we are looking forward to seeing them again in December.  Their pantomimes are well paced, upbeat and lively with plenty of opportunities for the children to join in.

We always book for the following year before they leave the premises to make sure we get a date! Highly recommended!"

Helen Chase, Deputy Head Teacher
The Station First School, Bedlington

Which brings us onto our second promise:

Promise Two: We promise that we will exceed your expectations - EVERY TIME.

Robinson Crusoe 2004We work hard to ensure that every single one of our productions has that 'Wow Factor!'

Whether it's through hand picking actors that will be great company members both on and off your stage; creating costumes that will take your audience's breath away; or by devising a special, fun filled programme of activities to sell before the show.

For example: just look what we provided during one of our national theatre tours of Robinson Crusoe...

  • Six professional actors, plus a dedicated stage manager – each chosen to provide you with the best show ever.
  • Amazing costumes made especially for this tour, with each character changing costume at least twice.
  • Incredible scenery, designed to adapt and fit your venue perfectly.
  • ALL actors on radio microphones – no more huddling around a couple of lead mics at the front of the stage.

We also give you:

  • An unbelievable, invisible pirate scene!
  • Up to date chart songs and routines that will have everyone tapping their toes, and even dancing in the aisles!

In case you can't wait any longer and HAVE
to book one of our shows

If you're still reading - stick with us, because you're about to hear our third & biggest promise:

Promise Three: If YOU can imagine it - then WE can produce it.

Davey!Yes, you read that right. We're not the type of theatre company that simply produces shows, sells them to venues, and then cracks on with our next package.

If there is a production, character, workshop or script you need for your theatre, corporate event or school - we can create it.

For example: recently, we were asked to develop an Idea Zone for Business Link's Rural Enterprise Show ...

  • We created an Inventor character who stopped visitors as they arrived to involve them in a lateral thinking exercise designed to expand their businesses.
  • We also provided ALL of the children's entertainment and activities in the hugely popular Kidz Zone. The biggest hit was Davey's Ridiculous Rhymes.

"The Panto Company was charged with delivering two elements to the Rural Enterprise Show: a Kidz Zone to provide entertainment for the children of our visitors, and an Idea Zone to break the ice with visitors and assist them in changing their perceptions about their own business.

What a success both areas were! I was delighted and so was my client. Their energy, enthusiasm, and complete professionalism enhanced their contribution to our event significantly.
I look forward to working with them in the near future."

Owain Oxenham
Resource Marketing Ltd.

To discover how we could transform
YOUR Corporate Event -

Wansbeck's Health Action Zone commissioned us to work with Peer Educators on the difficult subject of bullying...

  • We wrote and performed a drama piece called U R DEADU R DEAD ;o) ;o) which included specially filmed video sections and was followed by an in-depth debate.
  • We devised a unique workshop, allowing the Peer Educators to explore how they would handle a bullying situation.
  • To close the day, we presented a light-hearted game show - Who Wants To Be A Bully In Here? This gave everyone a chance to take part and test what they had learned.

"I would like to say a big thank you for the Bullying Drama and Workshop you presented as part of the Year 9 Life Skills Day.

Bullying is an issue that always needs to be addressed.  Already I have received some encouraging feedback about the play, and indeed the topic!

The day was a huge success and would not have been so without your support.  I hope to see you again. Much appreciated!"

Camilla Whitely, Head Of Year 9,
Prudhoe Community High School

How would YOUR school benefit from an
Exclusive Workshop Event?

So... What Can We Do For You?

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And we promise you a performance you'll never forget!

The competition? They're behind us.

The Panto Company

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