Careers In Childcare And Early Education

We were commissioned by SureStart Northumberland and Job Centre Plus to create a piece of drama that would introduce people to the various careers available in childcare and early education.

So, we created a fictional day care centre - The Ribshaw Centre - and, by looking at a day when the centre was to feature in a local news documentary, worked alongside SureStart to produce a show that proved to be a huge success.


"From start to finish The Panto Company were great to work with, friendly and professional. The show was lively, humorous and interactive and gave the audience clear strong messages about working with children. Childcare professionals and audiences of all ages, after watching the performance, gave very positive feedback and were inspired to find out more by attending Sure Start Northumberland’s ‘Careers in Childcare’ taster courses. The performances were so successful that we will be taking it into Northumberland high schools as part of our recruitment drive."

Lindey Marriott, Workforce Developent Co-ordinator, SureStart Northumberland

Welcome To The Ribshaw Centre...

It’s just another day at The Ribshaw Centre; the community’s heart of child care - or is it?

Complete with a day nursery, after school club and training facilities, The Ribshaw Centre is proud of its reputation in early years care and play work. Dedicated centre manager, Bryony Thompson works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly and, along with her valued team of child care professionals, has prepared for a very special day.

Sally & KevinToday, The Ribshaw Centre is to be the subject of a fly on the wall documentary. Local journalist, Sally Brookes, will spend a day with the centre’s staff to discover what makes the facilities so important to the local community. Accompanied by her long suffering cameraman, Kevin, she will delve deep into the world of child care.

However, things don’t run as smoothly as planned. Sally is an aggressive career woman, and views ‘playing with children’ to be just one step away from her nightmare of being a housewife. Will she change her attitude when she meets the staff at the centre, and discovers how vital their jobs are to the children they care for? Will their stories of how they came to work with children Sylviasoften her approach to the centre?

Plus, just how will Sally cope when she meets Chris - the male member of staff? Surely men aren’t supposed be left unsupervised around children. And how will she react when Kevin has to rush off to see his daughter at the child minder’s house?

Why do they do it?Utilising both drama and video, this interactive performance involves the audience at every opportunity; one moment they’re the viewers at home, the next - they’re children in the centre’s nursery. Stop! Children Ahead is packed with laughter and tension, but most of all - information!

This is what you get when you book a performance of STOP! Children Ahead!

  • A specially written 40 minute play, including unique filmed segments highlighting the characters' introduction to childcare.
  • A purpose built set, sound system, and live camera footage.
  • Five professional actors.


The project will now be heading into schools to help year 9 pupils with their options.

To book STOP! CHILDREN AHEAD or for more info,
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